It is very pretty [judy kang's self titled album] 

- Bob Boilen (NPR/all things considered) -

Watch Judy Kang- She is going to be big. It is probably not going out on a limb to predict that she will be one of the great violinists of the early 21st century. Judy Kang- remember that name.

- Richard Todd, Ottawa Citizen -

She was obviously born to play the violin. Young Canadian violinist, Judy Kang, is a marvel.

-Kevyn Arthur, Sunshine -

If there was a star, it was Judy Kang. Kang is blessed with a gift for the violin that is exceptional. She moves about the instrument at her disposal with an ease that is awe-inspiring.

-Jacob Siskind, Ottawa Citizen -

Mere technical brilliance wasn't what slackened my jaw with amazement. [[At 11 yrs old] It was her totally musical interpretation that had a coherence and musical understanding that was nothing short of miraculous.

-Hugh Fraser, The Spectacle -

The violin is in good hands. Kang proved amazing in Mozart's D Major Concerto. Kang's got it all: tone, technique and taste. It was radiantly personal playing that would have melted the stoniest heart. She contrasted themes beautifully and everything flowed.

-Lloyd Dykk, Vancouver Sun -

At 12 years old, Judy Kang is well on her way to becoming a great violinist. Kang's performance was a brilliant display of the virtuoso, with runs of the long range of the violin interspersed with incredible octave and double-octave leaps, double and triple-stopped chords and runs, and an unbelievable number of bow techniques. Kang skillfully wove her way through the long first movement exploding into a dazzling exposition of the difficult yet melodious cadenza. As the music proceeded to the second and third movements, Kang displayed even more proof that her virtuoso ablilties are unlimited. She offered a sereis of double-stops and triple-stops that were breathtaking and a series of harmonies that produced and eerie interlude. Her violin tone was deep and rich and grew warmer as the work progressed. The third movement was a rondo, which, although lighthearted, gave even ore opportunities for Kang to exhibit her skills. 

-Bob Cole, Centre Daily Times-

It's hard not to imagine him [Sibelius] smiling down on Kang's playing. This was playing of a very high order..astonishing from one so young. Kang has the sweetest sound imaginable, but she knows when and how to play with force and incision.

-Richard Todd, Ottawa Citizen -

The tone produced was pure and sweet, and it suited her ingratiating performance perfectly. Her playing was always lyrical, with a sure technical grasp. 

-Robert Jordan, Vancouver Times -

How do you suppose it feels to be 17 and already a great violinist? I don't mean a brilliant young virtuoso; the world is full of those. I mean a musician for whom technical mastery is not an issue and can play the musically difficult Sibelius Concerto or Schubert's notoriously problematic C Major Fantasy on par with the finest violinists in the world. Judy Kang is the 17-year old in question.

-Richard Todd, Ottawa Citizen -

Le talent de Judy Kang est indiscutable.: jouer du violon ainsi, a 18 ans, et mieux encore, maitriser le Brahms (Concerto pour violon et orchestre en re majeure, op.77) a ce point, et de memoire, est digne d'attention. La jeune fille possede une vraie sonorite de violoniste, elle joue presque toujours juste, elle a meme atteint un reel lyricisme au mouvement lent.

-Claude Gingras, La Presse -

The violinist Judy Kang, who played with assurance and imagination, became the wizardly master of an entire sound environment.

-The New York Times -

Kang mastered the stretches, the high notes, and the bow-jumping across the strings to grace and great Paganini's image and intent.

-The Lincoln Journal Star -

Kang's tone is so full and rich it reminds you of cream, and her expression and finesse are exquisite. The cadenza was full of technical pitfalls, but Kang played it with deceptive ease and perfect intonation. For someone so young, Kang has remarkable maturity in her playing, a depth of expression and understanding far beyond her years. This, coupled with incredible technique, should see Kang emerge as one of the world's leading violinists.

-The Record -

A bravura arrangement of 'La Campanella' featured the fireworks of violin soloist Judy Kang, who earned a standing ovation for her astounding technique.

-The Kansas City Star -

Kang, especially, provided solid, focused playing in both pieces [Prokofiev Duo] and the most seductive, Sarasate's Navarra, despite the fact that she was the youngest of this young group.

-The Globe and Mail -

Kang's sound is focused, though not overly generous. Her command in the Bach was unfailing...

-Winnipeg Free Press -

The rendition, she, Streatfield, and the orchestra put together [Part's Fratres] was as engaging as and more beautiful than any I'd heard before.

-Ottawa Citizen -

La violoniste Judy Kang a un controle total de l'instrument et de la matiere musicale. De page en page, on admire la justesse, le legato, la beaute de la sonorite et l'emotion.

-La Presse -

Le Sibelius est etonnant. Tout d'abord, le programme. Au Concerto, la jeune Kang ajoute les deux charmantes Serenades, dont il existe tres peu d'enrigistrements. Cette originale composition de programme beneficie d'une realisation musicale et technique de tres haute niveau. La jeune soliste traveerse le COncerto avec concentration et la senorite d'une grande interprete et berce les deux Serenades d'une prenante nostalgie. Cordes profondes et soutenues, bois colores, timbales foudroyantes: on dirait un disque tout droit sorti de Finlande!

-La Presse -

Her rich, warm sound and impeccable technique are more than matched by her subtlety and maturity of her musical understanding. The CD also includes two haunting accounts of Sibelius' two Serenades.

-Ottawa Citizen -

Judy Kang qui, au dernier concours des Jeunes interpretes de Radio-Canada/CBC avait si brillammen enleve la premiere palme grace a son intepretation du concerto de Sibelius, a remiscela, tant par l'excellence technique que par la qualite personelle de l'expression sonore. Elle nous permet de reecouter cette oeuvre avec interet par une fraicheur, une transparence pourtant toujours porteuses de reflexion.

-Jean-Jacques Van Vlasselaer -

Showing off enormous technique, a deep assurance and a fine instinct for reaching into the essence of the music, she finessed her way through...Kang dived into the minefield and surfed along, never letting the flurry of notes get past her. The middle section sang and the finale- an awesome test of technique and confidence- was delivered with precision and impressive grace.

-The Edmonton Journal -

Ms Kang is certainly a very talented and accomplished violinist. Her command of fingers and bow is effortless even at high speeds, her intonation is excellent; her tone is sonorous and pure. Playing from deep inside the music, Ms Kang used bow and vibrato to give her tone variety and color, intensity and expression, creating and sustaining mood and atmosphere, she built up ecstatic climaxes with real emotional identification.

-New York Concert Review -

Are you Heifets reincarnated?

- Sydney Humphreys -

The most wonder technique - for one so young - or at any age. The runs and string crossing were brilliant. There is a great maturity here also.

- Malcolm Tait -

I am speechless!

- Daniel Grosgurin -

Such a beautiful sound! Your technique is phenomenal and your playing very strong. You should have a bright future!

- Alan Seale -

You have an excellent international future. Bravo!

- Bogodar Kotorovich -

An incredible talent. Very moving. The pitch is next perfect. The tone is beautiful. The technical ability amazing. The musicianship stunning. The sense of phrasing uncanny.

-Jean-Paul Sevilla -

Simply wonderful. Very good on pitch and vibrato technique of both hands.

- Ricardo Odnoposoff -

Wonderful talent. Everything is already in the playing and will grow with the years. Intonation perfect. Interpretation perfect. Quality of tone extremely pure even at the extreme frog in the double notes.

- Guy Fallot -

A brilliant performance that was as musicianly accomplished as it was technically always equal to the demands of the piece. It is not necessary to make any comment on your outstanding ability, other than to congratulate you on your achievement so far, and I wish you great success which I am sure you will enjoy.

- Peter Averi -