Strawberry Dream

Judy Kang Self Titled Album - Promo Video Teaser


The first single off my upcoming self titled album, out March 5, 2013.

ZINGARA - featuring Judy Kang, Antoniette Costa, and George "Spanky" McCurdy


I was asked to collaborate on a song with Antoniette Costa after a performance with her in Dec, 2011. We listened to some of her music, and I chose "Zingara". The process went smoothly, musically speaking, as we went into the studio and recorded it. She also recruited George "Spanky" McCurdy, whom I toured with on Lady Gaga's Monster Ball tour.

Since arranging and co-writing this song, it felt natural to do production for it as well, giving input to the musicians and everyone else involved. We also added making a music video to the project, as the song is very visual and there was a story to tell as well. It became a performance art piece/mini opera of sorts. Link to official video here:

Judy Kang - Co-writer, Producer, Arranger, Violinist
Antoniette Costa - Co-writer, Vocalist
George "Spanky" McCurdy - Drums/Percussion

"Obsession" from Ysaye Sonata No 2

Paganini- RE-MIXED

Paganini's Caprice no 5 ~ RE-mixed judy kang, violin
richard spitzer, beats
live performance at 169 bar, nyc


live improv- judy kang, violin
eli menezes, guitar
richard spiter, keys
live performance at 169 bar, nyc


judy kang/composer, violin eli menezes/guitar
richard spitzer/keys, beats
live performance at 169 bar in nyc

The Pretender

Playing my rendition of the pretender by foo fighters. completely improvised. dang! thanx for all the comments! ;) i recorded this at the famed Juilliard School in NYC in a dance studio cuz if its nice ambiance (beats the practice rooms). love, xx

Judy Kang- 6 yrs old

Accolay violin concerto in vancouver, bc, age 6.


The Annex, LES, New York

Ryan's sassy steak

uncle Jack's steakhouse, nyc Ryan and Richard

Inside my head

no i'm not high. just having some fun and being spooky with my camera.